Betta fish are my completely new plaything. It's not always easy to escape from work and life's responsibilities. Since the economy is not what it accustomed to be, that does not really shock anybody anymore. The more work you do, the harder it is still to enjoy your life. Most people spend their time at the beach. For me though, instead of the beach, I'll rather breed betta fish.
These colorful things of beauty where just too great an addition to my brand new home. I realized all too quickly after looking through choices, that I wanted something that was actually alive. That is what made me choose to get a betta fish aquarium. After choosing to purchase myself an aquarium, the next logical choice was to go into betta fish care.    

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An Idea Of The Betta
Although the fish come from a large species, they in themselves are relative little. These beautiful creatures are known for their lovely shape but also for their striking colors. Affordability is actually the name of the game with regards to fish as pets and these are definitely that. Even though they are fondly called betta there are plenty of different species; the most famous of that are the betta splendens or the fighting fish.
True to their name, these creatures may be beautiful however they like to fight. That's exactly why they have somewhat of a reputation as being plenty of fun to watch. Plenty of people choose fish because of their docile nature. Not this species though. Although they are fish, the last thing you would anticipate from these guys is for them to be docile.

Betta Fish Care 101
As far as betta care will go, just like other animals, you need to pay cautious and close attention to their food and environment.  The fighting fish find the mosquito larvae to be the most delicious food, although brine shrimp do work too. Food is pretty simple to find though, seeing as there are commercial fish pellets which cater to their typical diet.
When it comes to their environment, one betta fish aquarium can truly only hold two males. SInce the typical male fighting fish it really aggressive, you should always keep one male in one aquarium. It is still possible to add a female fish in the tank although this ought to be done solely when you're attempting to breed. Again, it's still essential that you immediately put the female in a separate aquarium when the mating process is done. As far as the aquarium goes, you do not have to worry about much, except making sure there's a hiding place for your fish and of course ensuring there is lots of space.
Fighting fish are good fun to take care of and they are quite interesting. Betta care is much more that just a chore, it is actually a great strategy to have some fun. Try it out.

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