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gh3dfrts34ds еђ€ гЃ— Also, it might be worth talking to Dronfield Baptist Church Canoe Club: Cheers guys It would certainly be good to update the Ure guide to include reference to recent events and include advice that puts people off attempting to avoid the island channel by taking anything further left than the extreme right line.

дѕ‘  Steve Hard to know how many folk read this board compared to figures available for uk.rec but there are about 250-300 board visits a day (over 400 a day using the site as a whole). The dart at the mo is runnning really sweet ( the ledge is totally covered)... I ran it this morning with some guys from exeter who were ripping it up....
 Just testing. A little behind the times I'm afraid. a) There's actually a bigger paddling community in North Wales. I was just wondering if I could have some advice. I'm lost amongst the adverts for new boats and I dont know which one to choose. I'm looking for a playboat that can pull of lots of tricks but will also be safe and stable on stuff like grade 4+ possibly 5 rivers. does anyone have any advice on such boats. I thought about the eskimo quadro, sub 7, roit glide, or ina zone 232.
 Insomniac rambling enjoy this weekend people Edited by: Carol Haynes at: 1/22/02 7:04:55 pm
 Do you ever teach in the pool? Just out of interest if you did what skills would you concentrate on? Rolling, handrolling, cartwheels. What about support strokes, boat control turning etc? "Dangerous Sports" (far less injuries than on the Rugby pitch) at Universities are a dying breed, or at least are suffering badly from legislation....   дѕ‘ е№ё
 This means a gallon of Bud is almost 17% less than a gallon of Theakstons which is probably a good thing. Sean, Colwyn flows into the Aberglaslyn Gorge. Never caught the Colwyn flowing (although bottled out of soloing it in spate once) but the Aberglaslyn is pretty reliable as a fallback...excellent fun, but over before you can say, 'what eddy?'.
 Rory, appreciate the offer - for the same reason as you, (limited time) any time I do have to assist on 4 star courses I'd rather do them with the CCP's as they can sign me off, Hope that doesn't come across as a slap down on the offer? I have no fears that I can run and assess 4 star, so experience isn't really the issue - just gaddam signatures!

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