Betta fish, or betta splendens (their scientific name), are a decent sized family of fish, frequently referred to as Siamese fighting fish.  There are a variety of different color and fin varieties out there, and it is even possible to find different sizes.  Betta fish are members of the same family as gouramis and feature a ray fin.  They are aggressive fish, and  typically aggressive behavior has gotten them the common name Siamese fighting fish.  This is the main reason male betta fish are generally housed by themselves in their own aquarium. [ click this site]

Other than their big fins that make them appear big, betta fish are typically fairly small.  On average, betta fish grow to be roughly three inches in length from the nose to the start of the tail.  Most natural betta varieties show mostly mild colors, but the betta fish you find in fish stores are usually very bold and colorful.  For years, breeders have collected the most colorful fish and bred them together  to make more bold and better selling fish.  Any of the bigger fin types are the result of selective breeding too. [,-Everything-You-Need-To-Know&id=7215917 click for info]

Male betta fish should never be housed in the same home.  They will battle every chance they can if they are together.  Additionally, males will continually attack females.  If you are not breeding bettas, one should not keep female and male betta fish together.  On the other hand, females get along well with more females.  Female betta fish are able to be kept in groups of 3 to 7.  There also needs be plenty of hiding spaces when they're housed together.  A few types of fish can be housed in a community setting with a betta.  As long as they all require a similar temp and don't have any long fins, the betta fish shouldn't attack.

In case you are thinking of betta breeding as of this time you then has to be produced conscious of your certainties. Breeding is definitely a very good thought right up until and also except if this actually reaches any period involving complete nuisance along with difficulty. For starters, you have to be certain in regards to the tank companion you are likely to set for your fish. Choosing partners is a critical job. When the completely wrong companion will be decided on, it might result in ambitious clashes everyday. 

In the wild, a male betta fish and female betta come together to breed.  The male spreads out his fans and flares his gills in an attempt to impress the female.  If the female is excited, she will get darker in color.  The male then builds a nest of bubbles at the surface of the water.  Then, the female betta fish releases her eggs, and the male will fertilize them.  The male betta fish uses his mouth to compile all of the fertilized eggs and put them gently into the nest of bubbles.  The eggs will remain in the nest of bubbles while they grow to be baby fish, known as fry.

Most people say betta fish only live two to three years, but the truth is in a proper tank, betta fish typically live for as long as 7 years.  As with any animal, you need to provide them with an appropriate house and nutrition.  If you happen to be looking for a really interesting fish to keep, bettas are an excellent pick.

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